100 Days of Connections is a creative collaboration between Courtney Symons and Mariel Vandeloo. This collection of 100 illustrated poems explores human connections in all various forms, from lovers to Uber drivers.

During a time when we're all trying to find a little more human connection, this project encourages people to reach out to the people they love, know, and rely on. Each of our pieces will be available as digital prints, in the hopes that you'll pass it along to someone and make or reinforce a meaningful connection.

We're donating $1 from each print to the Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières COVID-19 Crisis Fund.


A brief history

Beginning on April 7 2020, Courtney and Mariel began publishing one piece per day on Instagram, and have committed to continuing for 100 days. We were inspired by The 100 Day Project, a challenge to do one thing every single day for 100 days and share it with the world. Last year, we completed 100 Days of Passages and created a (sold out!) art book featuring our work.

Based in Canada, Courtney is a writer in Ottawa, and Mariel is a designer in Toronto. By day, we work at Shopify, an ecommerce software company, and by night we dream in syllables and sketches. Us two friends, colleagues, and collaborators have been pushing each other’s creative limits throughout this challenge, and we're so happy to share our work here so you can incorporate it into your life or share it with someone you love.